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Nittaiji monastery

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Nittaiji monastery is the one of the best training ashram(Sodo)in Tokai area cultivating a large number of zen trainees.

In 1900, Zen master Hioki Mokusen served as the mission for collection of the Buddha’s holy remains on behalf of Soto Zen sect,and played the great part of foundation of Kakuozan Nittaiji temple(then called Nissenji)in 1904.The monks of Kasuisai monastery were dispatched to Nittaiji to cultivate and level the land while they practiced donation and training.Since then, the monks served daily devotional disciple such as sutra chanting, meditation and cleaning eventually, Nittaiji monastery started as the branch monastery of Kasuisai by appointing the zen master(Docho) called Ueda Shozan and monks stationed permanently.Zen master Hioki Mokusen were worshiped as the founder of Nittaiji monastery, though he was the third chief priest of Nittaiji temple.

At the time of 2nd abbot, zen master Aoyama Motsugai in 1928, Nittaiji monastery became independent with the approval of Soto sect.Osu Daikoin monastery was transferred to Nittaiji monastery in 1939.

Nittaiji temple does not belong to any Buddha sect. However, Nittaiji monastery closely connects and co-operates with Nittaiji temple where a lot of excellent monks are cultivated.

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Successive abbots

1st. Zuiho Shozan Zen master passed away May 18th, 1938
     Yotakuji Hyogo pref.

2nd. Beppo Motsugai Zen master passed away February 5th, 1948
     Chokokuji Nagano pref. Bucchiin Aichi pref.

3rd. Genshu Bunji Zen master passed away May 3rd, 1964
     Hoonji Iwate pref. Hodaji Akita pref.

4th. Daiho Tesshin Zen master passed away April 4th, 1958
     Tokoji Hyogo pref. Jofukuji Aichi pref.

5th. Zendo Shuitsu Zen master passed away December 6th, 1970
     Vice-president of Sojiji, saijoji Kanagawa pref. Youjuin Saitama pref.

Yoko Kyuryo Zen master passed away August 13th, 1975
     Nyoian Mie pref.

7th. Tokudo Houzui Zen master passed away January 22nd, 1998
     President of Sojiji Shoboji Iwate pref. Ryukokuji Aichi pref. Tokoji Saitama pref.

8th. Daisen Hakuho zen master passed away August 12th,2006
     Daisenji Hyogo pref. Chosenji Aichi pref.

9th. Daigan Baiyu zen master passed away October 18th, 2011
     Jofukuji Aichi pref.

10th. Sumi Komei zen master present abbot
     Kenkonin Aichi pref.

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